PUBG : New map Venezia coming into PUBG gameplay

PUBG broke the record of active players on steam set by the CSGO and became the 1st game to do that. In E3 2018, PUBG gave a glimpse of the new snow map on which the devs have been working on with some new items and guns.

The Venezia concept map was revealed on the official Reddit account of user IamEzalor. The Venezia map is based on Venice. Venice is popular for canals, bridges and boats. The Venezia map is going to be a real challenge for players.

There are many hot drop location like Mariwa, Castle, Main Square, Harbor. The map also reveals spawn location, vehicles and zone approach. The players will spawn at aquarails denoted by gray dots. But we have to see if the Venezia is opted in near future.


  • Aquarails
  • Bicycle
  • Vespa


  • Beretta ARX 160 (AR)
  • Benelli M4(Shotgun).
  • HK-911(Under Water Pistol).
  • C4 Explosive charge (which can be obtained by creates only).

In the place of Red zone, there will be the Surveillance Drone which will reveal the location of the enemy. You can also Expect Pubg to introduce underwater battle with this map. But we have to see if the map gets a green signal by the devs. 

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