PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update set to be launched, read what are new features here

PUBG Mobile’s 0.8.0 update is bringing the Sonhok map, a new gun and a new vehicle

The PUBG 0.8.0 beta version has been live for a quite while now. The PUBG mobile on their twitter page has given news that the new update is set to be launched globally. The Xbox version got a new update couple of days back and the latest update features a new Sonhok map and a new vehicle.

New Map Sonhok

The new  4.4×4.4 km area Sonhok map which was much awaited will finally see it’s way into the game. The 100 players will be air dropped and will face and engage in gunfights with each other in this forest based map.

New Weapon- QBZ

A new assault rifle has made it’s entry to the beta version of the game and is expected to appear in the latest update too. The QBZ rifle uses 5.56mm ammo and is a replacement for the SCAR-L rifle.

New Vehicle

The 2 new vehicles are introduced in the latest update. The UAZ and Muscle car, both the vehicle are have large size and can be used to take cover and as well as transportation.


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