Facebook will soon predict your future location,know here

Facebook, the social media giant, is going to the places where no one else has gone. The new technology has patented by the facebook which can predict where you are going next. The technology named as “Offline Trajectories”-which will work by using your previous data, as well as other people’s to guess your next location.


By getting your current location the technology will compute for the probability where you’ll be visiting the next. It’s not just one’s location, but Facebook will also use other’s location data to predict your history. The patented application “Location Prediction using wireless signals on online social networks” describes how tracking the strength of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and near field communication (NFC) signals could be used to estimate your location, in order to anticipate where you will go next.

This information is used as an alternative to GPS because, as the patent describes, it may provide a more precise geographic location.T he technology will continuously learn your site and keep its history to provide for more accurate future predictions.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement, “We often seek patents for the technology we never implement and patent applications such as this one should not be taken as an indication of future plans.”

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